Paediatric Dermatology

Common skin conditions amongst children include skin infections such as ringworms, warts, impetigo, eczema and other less common conditions. In rare cases, children may have more serious skin issues which require attention and effective treatment.

Our skin can be affected by many underlying conditions but for children, the sooner they can get relief, the better. Skin conditions seen in children can be life-long or they can outgrow them but with their developing immune systems, they may attract certain infections. In some cases, certain conditions can be serious and require ongoing treatment. We always tell our patients that it’s better to have a skin issue assessed rather than self-medicating as some treatments can result in worsening of a condition. You can contact us today and we can swiftly deal with any condition your child may be facing, ensuring that they are comfortable and able to get back to what children do best, play.