Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are fine lines on the body which develop when the tissue under the skin tears. This can occur when someone grows rapidly, gains weight rapidly or when the skin is stretched, like during pregnancy.

Stretch marks are a common skin condition which does not cause any significant medical problems but can be of cosmetic concern for some people.

Who gets stretch marks?

Stretch marks are very common. They can develop on parts of the body that are affected by rapid weight gain and stretching of the skin. Specifically, they are common on the following body locations:

• Abdomen and breast in pregnant women
• Adolescents undergoing growth spurts (buttocks, thighs, breasts)
• Shoulders in body-builders
• Obese or overweight people
• Generalized following prolonged use of corticosteroids

Treatment of stretch marks is considered a cosmetic treatment and is therefore not covered by medical aids. Like any scar, stretch marks are permanent, but treatment may make them less noticeable. A combination of mesotherapy cocktails, microneedling and carboxyl therapy can also be used to improve the texture of stretch marks thus improving their appearance.