Plasma Rich Platelets Treatment

Plasma rich platelets (PRP) treatment is a procedure which involves drawing patients own blood and separating rich platelets from all the blood, then injecting it into the area being treated. The treatment can be used for a range of issues such as facial rejuvenation, wrinkles, scars and hair loss.

Platelets are cells which help our body heal by encouraging and promoting healing. They are present throughout our bodies and are filled with growth cells which can be used to treat multiple skin concerns.

We particularly use PRP to treat hair loss by stimulating the hair follicle to grow new hair. The procedure is done by taking a sample of your blood and separating the platelets which resemble a gold serum. We then proceed to clean the affected area and inject the platelets with a small needle which will then stimulate growth cells in that area.

Treating hair loss is sensitive and therefore needs to be followed up with a good at-home regimen as well as a follow-up treatment after 6 months. Results differ from patient to patient.

We also use PRP for facial rejuvenation. The process of using a patient’s blood to extract the PRP has earned the procedure the well-known nickname, “The Vampire Facial”. The PRP procedure helps restore and enhance skin regions that require volume and improves its texture and tone considerably. The treatment will leave the patient looking more youthful and rejuvenated.

Is the treatment safe?

Since the platelets come from the patient’s blood, there is absolutely no possibility of an allergic reaction or other side effects. We use a new and sterile needle for every treatment. The only precaution you need to take is to stop any anti-inflammatory or blood-thinning medications while administering PRP. Generally, three treatments are required one month apart followed by maintenance after 6 months.