Botox has become a popular treatment of choice for fine lines and wrinkles. It is highly effective and can be used to treat crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead lines, bunny lines, eyebrow rejuvenation and lip lines. It improves the appearance of these lines to bring about a more youthful look.

What does Botox treatment involve?

Botox treatment takes around 10mins to perform and is not painful as the needle is very fine. The toxin is injected into a few specific points on your skin based on your areas of concern as well as what Dr Cebi recommends for the best outcome. You may feel a few small pinpricks but that’s it and the procedure does not usually require any anaesthetic.

How long does Botox last?

After your treatment, it will take a few days (on average five) for you to start to notice the effect, and it can take up to two weeks for you to see a remarkable difference.

Botox lasts approximately 3-6 months as the toxin temporarily blocks the signals from the nerve endings. When the nerve endings establish new signals, the lines and wrinkles reappear. We will then perform further treatments to prolong results.

Is botox safe?

Botox a well-researched drug and considered very safe. It has been used in cosmetic treatments for many years and it is extremely rare for serious side effects to occur. The most notable side effect that can occur as a result of Botox is ptosis, which is drooping or falling of the upper eyelid. If this occurs, it can be rectified and in cases where it can’t, due to the duration of the product, the effect is usually not permanent. You may have a slight headache after treatment but it is rare and temporary. You may also see minor bruising or redness at the injection site but this usually goes away within a day.

Botox for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

Excessive sweating affects 1-2% of people in the world. The condition can be embarrassing and can affect the whole body but it most commonly affects the underarms, the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. Botox injections are effective as they block the nerve signals to the sweat glands which reduces the amount of sweat the armpits are able to produce.

The treatment is relatively quick and can take as little as 15 minutes. It may sting but we usually apply some ice to the skin prior to treatment to make it more comfortable. Botox is then injected into a number of points under the armpit. Botox has been shown to reduce sweating in the armpits by up to 87%. It is a very effective treatment, however, requires touch-ups every 8-12 months to maintain results.

Botox for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

Can I fly after Botox?
Yes, after 12 hours.

Can I go to the gym after having Botox?
No, It’s recommended to wait at least 12 hours.

Can I drink alcohol after having Botox?
No, It’s not recommended for the first 12 hours.

Botox aftercare (Within the first 6 hours)
• DO gently exercise the treatment areas by frowning, smiling, squinting and lifting the eyebrows occasionally as this will optimise your results.
• DO NOT rub or massage the treated areas as this may increase the risk of complications by spreading the product.
• AVOID alcohol, aspirin and ibuprofen for 24 hours as these can increase the risk of bruising and swelling.
• AVOID lying flat or bending down excessively.
• AVOID very strenuous physical activity.