Scars & Keloids

Many of us have scars on our bodies and they range from minor scrapes to burns and keloid scars, which are mostly a result of an injury. Luckily, there are various treatments to treat a wide range of scars and we can find the most suitable one for your scar.

Scars are a part of life but they can become an issue when they negatively impact our lives. Some scars are minimal and almost invisible while others are darker, raised or have an unusual texture. We also find keloid scars which tend to be thick, raised and large. They usually form after overproduction of collagen during the healing process. Other types of scars include contracture scars which are a result of burns that tighten the skin, hypertrophic scars which are more common and tend to fade over time, and also, acne scars which range from ice-pick spots to deep boxed scars in the skin.

At our practice, we are able to reduce the appearance of certain scars using a variety of different treatments suitable for the type of scar you have. It is important to follow a regimen that will ensure that your scar is managed effectively over time. There are topical treatments which Dr Cebi can prescribe but in most cases, treatments such as microneedling, PRP, subcision and intralesional injections are required.

It is very important to note that not all scars can be treated and results can vary depending on the type of scar and how long you have had it. Dr Cebi can assist you by assessing your scar and advising on the best treatment option specific to your scar.